Skyrim’s Erik The Slayer Is Still A Jerk

Not too long ago, I wrote an article proclaiming Erik the Slayer to be a huge jerk. I based this on the fact that I had more than one screen shot of Erik the Slayer standing by, doing absolutely nothing as NPCs were attacked by vicious beasts. After that article went live, I had several people point out to me that Erik the Slayer is based on an Elder Scrolls super-fan who has since passed away. I’m not sure how that stops this resident of from being a jerk, but perhaps it’s something about not speaking ill of the dead.

I would let it go, but I have even more evidence that Erik the Slayer is a huge jerk.

Skyrim’s Erik The Slayer Is Still A Jerk

Yes, that’s Erik the Slayer, choosing to continue farming even though the dead body of his neighbor is right in front of him. What kind of a person does that? What sort of person watches the Dragonborn slaughter a defenseless man so that she can adopt his children, and chooses to go right on farming?

What’s even worse is that Erik the Slayer doesn’t even like farming! He all but begged me to talk his father into letting him go out on adventures, and this was after watching me slaughter his neighbor! You know what kind of person does that?

A huge jerk, that’s what kind of person.

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  1. Hey, awesome! My article! I wrote this for Technology Tell's Gaming Channel about two years ago! I'm guessing whoever pays for this domain bought the rights to it when they bought out Technology Tell?


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